Top 3 Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Looking for the best home remedies for yeast infection? With tens of thousand of people visiting our website we get great feedback one what really works - and what does not! Below we tell you the 3 most effective home remedies for yeast infection.


Yogart seems to be the all time favorite, especially among women. And for good reasons. First of all, yogart is mild and soothing when applied cold from the refrigerator to affected areas. This in itself has a psychologically soothing effect. Second, yogart supplies beneficial "friendly" bacteria directly to the areas where the yeast micro-organisms have taken over. In other words, you're putting a very positive "competitor" into play that will help to take over and crowd out the yeast infection in a natural and beneficial way.

And don't forget, in addition to external use, you can enjoy adding yougart to your diet. Eat much more yogart then normal during times of yeast infection. Either way, within or without, yogart is a favorite among home remedies for yeast infection.


A close second to yogart is, not surprisingly another food item: Garlic! Like yogart, garlic can be employed both directly to affected areas and also indirectly through eating garlic-laced meals.


Everyone is familiar with ANTIbiotics? And what are PRObiotics?

Doctors tend to over-prescribe antibiotics for common maladies that would likely go away without them. (Yes, it's still happening!) But they know that when their patients come for a visit they expect the doctor to give them "something". Yet excessive use of antibiotics tends to do is to kill off your bodies normal host of friendly, useful micro-organisms. When the friendly critters and wiped out it makes the way to the yeast organisms to multiply and spread without the normal competition.

So what are probiotics and why are they popular among home remedies for yeast infection treatment?

Probiotics are nutritional supplements that you can find at many health food stores and even supermarkets. They contain either a single "friendly bacteria" such as acidophilus or a combination of helpful bacteria. They come in tablets, capsules, and liquids and in a variety of brands and prices. Ask your local store for their recommendation.

And if you tend to have reoccuring yeast infections don't stop once the symptoms go away. You might cut down the dosage but keep those "friendlies" coming in over several weeks or months to help prevent another episode of yeast overgrowth.

Your choice of home remedies for yeast infection?

The choice is up to you. Try each of the 3 treatments above - alone or even together. See our Home Remedies for Yeast Infection for more treatment ideas. And if you have other home remedies for yeast infection that you prefer please send us an email and let us know what works for you!

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