Top 10 ways to stop the cause of yeast infection

Yeast Infection Prevention

Effective yeast infection prevention begins with understanding each cause of yeast infection.

Yeast is a common fungus which grows normally on the skin and in the mouth, vagina and large intestine of most healthy people. In normal quantities it is harmless. Various imbalances in your system can cause an overgrowth of yeast and be manifested as an irritation or rash on your skin, vagina or mouth.

Below we identify each cause of yeast infection and also give tips on how to avoid them.

While many of these focus on vaginal yeast infection in women many also apply to skin and other kinds of yeast infections in women, men, and children.

Cause of yeast infection #1
Antibiotic Overuse

Taking antibiotics can greatly reduce bacteria normally present in the vagina and digestive system. This can allow yeast organisms to multiply and over grow.

Prevention: Avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics. If your condition is not too serious you might consider using natural antibiotics either from natural medicinals or from foods such as garlic. If you must take pharmaceutical antibiotics be sure to take the entire dose as prescribed AND THEN follow that right away with at least 2-4 weeks of a natural probiotics. (See our Natural Antibiotics page for more information.)

Cause of yeast infection #2

Pregnancy effects hormonal change which is a common cause of yeast infections. During pregnancy your body produces more sugar than normal. This change in blood-sugar may also make pregnant women more likely to experience a yeast infection

Prevention: If your are pregnant, be sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet with moderate amounts of sugar and carbohydrates. Look for healthy sources of sugar such as fresh fruits and complex carbs.

Cause of yeast infection #3
Yeast Promoting Diet

Excessive yeast-containing foods can definitely promote yeast overgrowth.

Prevention: Avoid excessive baked breads. Try non-yeast alternatives such as sour dough, special no-yeast breads, and crackers. Also avoid fermented foods such as vinegar, salad dressings, pickles, olives, or other pickled foods. Of course, alcohol is another fermented product and should be avoided for the duration of your yeast infection battle. And, since yeast organisms feed on sugar, a low-sugar diet should also be pursued at this time.

Enough of the DON’T list. List consider the DO list. Be sure to add yogurt to your diet or take acidophilus or “probiotic” tablets to maintaing the "friendly" bacteria necessary to keep your body in balance. Also, consider consuming more fresh garlic. Garlic has been shown to have natural anti-fungal properties.

Cause of yeast infection #4

Regular douching upsets the normal balance in the vagina.

Prevention: This is unnecessary since the vagina performs its own natural cleansing action. Discontinue using douches.

Cause of yeast infection #5
Soaps, lotions, bubble baths

Soap, which is alkaline, can change the normally acidic environment of the vagina. Bubble bath, being a detergent, lessens the protection vaginal mucus offers against infection. Heavily scented perfumes or talc powders can also create unhealthy changes in your pH and lead to yeast infection.

Prevention: Avoid excessive application of soaps and lotions. Look for unscented, hypoallergenic alternatives (often marked "for sensitive skin") in your natural health store.

Cause of yeast infection #6
Scented Feminine Products

Chemicals and perfumes in feminine products can also irritate you or cause an imbalance in you vaginal acidity thus promoting yeast infection.

Prevention: Use unscented tampons or sanitary pads, and replace them frequently.

Cause of yeast infection #7

Diabetes also causes vaginal cells to store more sugar.

Prevention: People with diabetes who experience reoccurring yeast infection should do their best to properly control their blood sugar. They should also review this entire prevention list and make all the positive changes they can to avoid repeat episodes.

Cause of yeast infection #8
Birth control pills

Birth control pills cause sudden changes in the pH of the vagina and cause the vaginal cells to store more sugar thus encouraging yeast organisms to overgrow.

Prevention: Consider changing to a natural birth control measure. There are many healthier choices available that have been effectively used by millions of couples.

Cause of yeast infection #9
Lowered resistance

High stress, fatigue, diabetes, poor diet, emotional upset, toxin from pollution, or cigarette smoking can all lower the body's normal resistance to disease and put your normal body chemistry out of balance. This can be a contributing factor to yeast infection.

Prevention: Review recent changes in both your physical and emotional situation. Make changes to reduce stress, especially through regular weekly exercise. (And which exercise is best for you? "The exercise that you can do regularly." Find something you like, that fits your life-style and schedule, and stick with it.)

Cause of yeast infection #10
Pantyhose, synthetic underpants, tight pants

First of all, reduced airflow may increase moisture and warmth and thus encourage yeast infection. Tight garments can also reduce healthy blood circulation - an important key to improved health. Finally, some women may have sensitivities or allergies to synthetic materials which may, in turn, cause health changes that invite yeast infection.

Prevention: Switch to stockings, open pantyhose, cotton underwear, and loose-fitting pants or skirts.

See also our Cause of Yeast Infection Overview page.

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