Drugstore Products for Vaginal Yeast Infection

Our home remedies will take care of most vaginal yeast infections, however, sometimes stronger treatment is needed. A visit to your local drugstore will turn up a number of commercial products that are sold 'over-the-counter' or OTC, that is, without a doctor's prescription.

Each over-the-counter fungicide is listed here with the product name and its active ingredient:

  • Monistat-1 with active ingredient tioconazole
  • Monistat-3 also with tioconazole (3-day treatment)
  • Femstat or Mycelex with butoconazole
  • Monistat-7 with miconazole
  • Mycelex or Gyne-Lotrimin both with chlotrimazole

Anti-Fungals - the Pros and Cons

All of the above medications are considered anti-fungals because the are designed to attack and kill the candida (yeast) fungus. Those of us who prefer the natural health philosophy have a problem with this approach, namely that you are NOT dealing with the root cause of your health problem.

Most likely the reason that you have a vaginal yeast infection is because you are missing vital healthy bacteria in your system. Isn't it better to deal with the source instead of the symptom? We think so and therefore recommend that most people begin their yeast infection treatment by trying yogurt and/or probiotics first.

However, thousands of women use these products ... and they do go to work quickly in attacking the yeast infection. But this site is all about giving YOU the information you need to make you own health choices.

So ... are there any reasons you would NOT want to use an anti-fungal? Consider these:

  • Adverse Side Effects
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Latex Breakdown
  • Cost

Side Effects

Not all people respond the same to any medicine. A treatment that works okay for the majority of people may cause problems in some individuals. One report listed butoconazole, the active ingredient in both Femstat and Mycelex, as one of the top ten drugs reported to the US FDA in causing adverse reactions.

Allergic Reaction

This may be another case where "the cure is worse than the disease". Allergic reaction to miconazole (active ingredient of Monistat-7) is fairly common and can cause a great deal of discomfort as you may now have an allergic rash on top of your yeast rash! Product literature for one product reminds patients to "tell your doctor if you have ever had any unusual or allergic reaction to any of the azoles" ... referring to the family of drugs of which the yeast anti-fungals are a part.

You should carefully read all literature that comes with any product for treating vaginal yeast infection to make sure you understand the side effects before using it. Also, an on-line search of both the product name and active ingredient should lead you to information on known side effects. Buyer beware!

Latex Breakdown

The anti-fungals have also been shown to breakdown latex. Yep! That's the same material used in condoms and diaphragms. To quote from one product's documentation:

"If you use latex or rubber birth control devices (condoms, diaphragms, or cervical caps), you should wait 3 days after treatment with azole antifungal agents before using them again . Many brands of vaginal azoles contain oils in the product that can weaken these devices. This increases the chances of a condom breaking during sexual intercourse. The rubber in cervical caps or diaphragms may break down faster and wear out sooner. ..."


Most of products for vaginal yeast infection sell for about $15 to $20. Not terribly expensive ... about the same investment you'd make for a 30-day supply of an acidophilus or probiotic supplement.

You can find them a bit cheaper on-line but don't forget to add shipping costs .. and you'll have a few days delay wait for the shipment.

Other Conditions

For products that are not specifically for vaginal yeast infection please see our page dealing with your particular condition:

  • Oral Thrush - mom and/or child yeast infection
  • Male Yeast infection - yes men can also be affected
  • Candidas - chronic systemic yeast infection

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