Yeast Infection Symptom Page with Pictures

Want you see an actual yeast infection symptom? These pictures can help you diagnose if your condition is truly a yeast infection. We’ve combed the world wide web to collect the most clear and accurate pictures of each type of yeast infection.

WARNING: The photographs you’ll find at the links listed below are intense and very graphic. They show close-up and detailed body parts in various stages of disease and can be very disturbing.

Also, many of the photos and drawings below depict male and female genitals. Use discretion in viewing with children or any others that may be frightened, disturbed, or offended by such images. These photo links are presented here solely in the interest of medical education and to help people diagnose themselves and their family members.

Women – Vaginal Yeast Infection

Common yeast infection symptoms for vaginal yeast infection in women are:

  • intense vaginal itching - the MAIN symptom
  • vaginal redness and irritation
  • pain during urination
  • pain during sexual intercourse
  • abnormal vaginal discharge - Color can vary from thick white or light-gray. Consistency is often described as similar to 'cottage-cheese' although often it may be watery.


We’ll start with a medical drawing. These tend to be less disturbing for people who may be bothered by the intense photographs.

Click below to open drawing of vaginal yeast infection.


Click below to open photographs of female vaginal yeast infection. (See WARNING above.)

Yeast Infection in Babies

Common yeast infection symptoms for babies are:

  • oral yeast infection or thrush: redness with white patches
  • thrush related diaper rash: an intense red rash in the area under the diaper

Click below to open pictures of yeast infection in babies.

Yeast Infection of the Skin

Common yeast infection symptoms for the skin are:

  • red, flaky skin
  • typically in folds, between digits, or around nails

Click below to open photograph of yeast infection of the skin.

Male Yeast Infection

Common yeast infection symptoms for men with penile yeast infection are:

  • irritation, itching, and soreness of the head of the penis and/or foreskin
  • head may show redness and may have small white blisters

Click to open photographs of male yeast infection (See WARNING above.)


Click below to view various yeast infection photographs. (See WARNING above.)

IMPORTANT: There are a number of serious diseases, including STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) that have some symptoms that look like a yeast infection symptom. If you’re not sure what disease you have or if your condition doesn’t improve or gets worse, see a doctor right away.

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