Yeast Infection Test

Taking a yeast infection test will help you determine whether or not you have a yeast infection. You can visit your doctor in order to have a clinical test completed or simply use your own knowledge to check yourself for a yeast infection.

Clinical Yeast Infection Test

When you go the doctor, you will first sit down with the doctor and discuss your symptoms. There is always a chance that he or she will determine that something else is wrong. If they do believe you have a yeast infection, they will conduct a simple clinical test. First they will take a small sample from the affected area, and then they will view it under a microscope. If there are a lot of yeast cells, they will then prescribe medication for you.

Yeast Infection Test Your Knowledge

Before visiting your doctor, you may want to check the following questions to test your knowledge of yeast infections. You will better be able to explain why you think you have a yeast infection if you already understand the symptoms. You can also use this information to check yourself for symptoms.

How much do you really know about yeast infections? If you have infections of yeast in your body, you should know the important information about the cause of yeast infections and treatments for yeast infections. Test your knowledge here.

Vaginal Yeast Infections

Is intense vaginal itching a sign of a yeast infection? Yes. Intense vaginal itching is the primary sign of vaginal yeast infections. Test this symptom, and if you have it, you can be pretty much sure that you have a yeast infection.

What are other symptoms of yeast infections?

Vaginal burning and irritation, pain during urination, pain during sexual intercourse, and abnormal vaginal discharge. Discharge color can vary from thick white or light-gray. The consistency of the discharge varies from similar to 'cottage-cheese' to a bit watery.

Male Yeast Infection

What are the symptoms of male yeast infection?

Male yeast infections are generally called Balanitis. Itchy and sore areas on of the head of the penis are the primary symptoms of Balanitis. If a man has a foreskin, he may have a yeasty discharge similar to what women experience. If you think you have this yeast infection, test your assumptions with your doctor.

Thrush Mouth

I have white spots in my mouth. Is it thrush?

A number of diseases can cause white spots in the mouth. So, you should consult with your physician if you are experiencing problems. The white spots look as if milky spots have developed in the mouth.

I have white spots, but they don’t hurt. I thought that thrush was supposed to be painful.

Those with thrush may or may not be in pain. Some people can have thrush without ever being in pain. Others may find that the spots are terribly painful. Especially when the thrush gets into the esophagus, the spots may be very painful when eating and swallowing.

Candidiasis Yeast Infection Test

Candidiasis is a systematic Candida yeast infection that may be life-threatening. Most normal, healthy people do not suffer from this. However, people with immune system deficiencies or those who have used a lot of antibiotics over the years may have trouble with systematic yeast overgrowth.

The symptoms of Candidiasis are many and they can mirror many other illnesses. Thus, you should check with your doctor to make sure that your problem is really Candidiasis. See the above comprehensive list to check for the possibility of yeast infection. Test your conditions against the symptoms described here. If you're still not sure then have your doctor test you before starting treatment.

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